Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Park - Enhanced Greenbelt!

"Our long national nightmare is over."
- Gerald R. Ford

Way back in January, 2015, I lamented that a stretch of the Greenbelt would be closing for an extended period, during construction of a new city park on the north side of the Boise River.

Happy day!  That extended period is over, almost two years later.  Esther Simplot Park is open, along with the Greenbelt through the area.  (The "chain link fence tree" is gone forever.)

I rode the new path on Halloween... was pretty much alone.  I rode it again on 11/3 and snapped a few photos.  I took granddaughter Bonnie back yesterday, 11/5... it was jam-packed!  I can't fault my fellowcitizens for wanting to visit it on a beautiful autumn afternoon, but the quality of visits will be better when it doesn't have Disneyland-size crowds!  Visitors were enjoying the waterways... the play facilities (not traditional playgrounds, but rock mountains to climb on, etc.), the lovely variety of pathways.  Of course, some visitors were doing what they do no matter where they are... lurching about, staring at their "smart phones."

Some of these photos were taken in the new park, others were snapped along the once-again-contiguous north stretch of the Greenbelt, near the new park.  (And I see I better adjust the straps on Bonnie's brain-bucket... it's positioned too far back.)


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