Thursday, November 17, 2016

Foldable cardboard bike helmet

For several years, I've seen conceptualized honeycomb-folding helmet proposals.  But this one looks like it's closer to reality... and pretty cool, in my opinion.  If they can build 'em for a selling price of $5 like they hope, I bet it will be a winner.

It has won the 2016 James Dyson Award.  I'd say it's way closer to the "function" end of the form-function scale, than those crazy-looking vacuum cleaners that are apparently the brainchild of Mr. Dyson.  (No offense intended; I've never used one of those cleaners, but they look to me like they're way more "form."  And I do know they're expensive and there's a huge market for the refurbished ones, which to me calls into question their durability.)  And those Dyson bladeless fans?  Now there's a solution looking for a problem!  But I digress...

More info on the foldable helmet HERE.

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