Sunday, April 26, 2015

Boise - Bike Capital of America for a day!

There is no reason that Boise, Idaho, shouldn't be at the top of the list of bike-friendly cities.

Compared with the cities that come to mind, we are superior. We have better terrain and weather than the cities always at the top of the list. The main things we're lacking in are education and enforcement. (But those things seem to be an ongoing struggle in pretty much every city.) Perhaps we're also lacking in "bicycle culture" - an attitude among both cyclists and non-cyclists that bicycles belong. But that seems to quickly be evolving for the better.

Anyhow - there's a movement afoot, originating with our beloved Boise Bicycle Project, to make Boise the Bike Capital of America for one day... Thursday, May 7. Read more about it HERE. In essence, every person is challenged to ride on that day, and challenge three other people to do the same and "pass it on."

I'm not a social-media sort of guy (unless a casual blog is "social media," and I s'pose it is). But I'll do my best to publicize that particular day. Boise Bicycle Project is ALWAYS a very worthy neighbor. They might be able to help you out with a part or some bicycle advice. And their awesome work on behalf of our community is very worthy of YOUR help, all year 'round. Just sayin'.

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