Saturday, January 5, 2013

Safest bike on the road

Josh Zisson, attorney and cycling safety advocate, assembled "the safest bike on the road."  It has a "city bike" style frame with upright riding position.  Other features - enclosed drum brakes, internal-gear hub, puncture-resistant tires, chain guard, fenders.  (I don't see those features as contributing significantly to safety, but they're rider-friendly.)

The bike also has some visibility features that do set it apart safety-wise.  (Maybe I have too much faith in the goodness of humanity, but I believe essentially nobody will deliberately run into a bicyclist.  If they don't see you, however, all bets are off.)  LED headlight and daytime running lights powered by dynamo hub, a taillight that "gets brighter when the bike slows down" (interesting!).  And my favorite feature - the Halo Coating reflective paint job.  Good gracious, that's awesome!  The whole bike glows in the light of somebody's headlamps!  I'd definitely choose that paint if I had the option.  (It looks sorta primer-gray in the daylight, so it might not appeal to image-conscious hipsters.  But in any situation where the lighting is less than ideal, it seems to me it would greatly enhance visibility.)

More info and photos HERE.

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