Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold & Icky!

Boy howdy!  I'm getting weary of the winter.  (People talk about Global Warming like it's a bad
thing!)  (I jest.)

Yesterday they said it was -3 at morning commute time; it was the first day that I really felt my bicycle commute was unhealthful.  The hairs in my nose were icing up... my fingers and thumbs were tingly-cold... and if you took a deep breath it stung, due to combined cold and pollution.

130122 cold smoggy 1

130122 cold smoggy 2

(Boise is situated at the base of a mountain range; in certain conditions the air tends to stagnate for days at a time.  I've commented about it before.  The air in the valley is cold and polluted, but if you climb the mountain, you break free.  I just checked the Bogus conditions - Bogus Basin being our nearby ski area - it's currently sunny and 46 degrees.  Sigh...)

Well... it'll eventually break.  Maybe by this weekend, they're saying.


Clancy Anderson said...

Pretty sure most drivers in Boise figured out what cyclists already know, you Are driving a 4000lb. Missle.

Marcus said...

Great winter bike. They don't make 'em like that anymore.