Friday, June 8, 2012

Old guy rides 600 miles to class reunion

I've never attended a high school class reunion. I spent enough time in detention that probably nobody remembers me. It might be interesting to do, just to see who got old, and who stayed young like me! (haha) I'm Boise High Class of '71; we just had our 40th last year.

If you're thinking of attending a class reunion, but are worried that you've gotten "out of shape" since your hormone-charged high school years, follow the example of Kent Menser, 68, of Columbia, MD. He hopped on his bike and rode 600 miles - "across Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and halfway across Illinois" to the reunion gathering in Chillicothe. He and his riding buddy averaged about 100 miles a day, including one 140-mile day. (I couldn't've done that in my prime!) Story HERE

Maybe I'll ride to my 50-year class reunion... assuming I still live in Boise in 9 years. (-;

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db said...

Those are impressive daily mileages.