Sunday, December 11, 2011

Riding in the Canal

Once farming season is over in these parts, they turn off the water in the canals.

Years ago, my daughter Hollie and I enjoyed a ride up the channel of the Ridenbaugh Canal, from Protest Avenue eastward. On Saturday I invited Miss Mackie to give it a try, and she was game.

The temperature was in the upper 30s, but not warm enough to melt the ice. We rode carefully over the shorter patches, and walked across the longer ones. We rode under Broadway Avenue, which was an adventure all to itself.





I can't in good conscience recommend this ride. The concrete is rarely sidewalk-smooth, and three of our four tires came back with goatheads. And there are a lot of rocks, dirt piles, weeds, patches of water or ice, and other obstacles.


Clancy said...

Too cool. I didn't know you could go down in them.

Bikeboy said...

The sides are somewhat steep. I held Mackie's hand as we descended. She and I rode from Protest to maybe 1/4 mile past the Broadway bridge. Years ago, Hollie and I rode all the way to Gekeler - the "Lakewood" area.

(If it weren't for the goatheads, it's an interesting ride as long as you're paying attention for the obstacles.)

Clancy said...

Or some kinda of Bansai Race.

Is it legal to trespass in them?

Bikeboy said...

Technically, I'm sure it's illegal. But so is walking/jogging along the paths alongside, if you want to get technical. (There's a NO TRESPASSING sign, and the well-worn path goes right around it. It covers the canal company - if you disregard the sign and end up hurting yourself, they are not liable. As it should be, sign or no sign.)