Friday, December 30, 2011

Big - and illegal - bike load

I hope a trailer was involved...

Dude gets stopped by the cops (in Pasadena), riding at night without the required headlight and rear reflector. (It's nice to see the police doing their job and enforcing bicycle laws, huh? Not enough of that!)

During the traffic stop, dude is busted for having 23 pounds of Narcotic Cannabis in a cooler. (Story Here.) Bummer, maaannnnnn!

I'm no expert, but I'm thinkin':
1) That's too much reefer for the guy to claim it was just his personal stash, and
2) That much reefer would be like a bale! It must've been one of those big Igloo football-team-size coolers. And I hope the guy wasn't packin' it under one arm as he rode or something.

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