Friday, December 24, 2010

Eagle Road

Yesterday (12/23) I had the day off, and the weather was quite suitable, so I ran an errand over to Eagle on the bicycle. (There was more snow in Eagle than in Boise, by maybe an inch or so it looked like.) I took care of business and headed for home.

I had a choice to make: retrace my steps (generally along Hill Road), or to cross the Boise River, either at Eagle Road or closer in at Glenwood. (If there's a river crossing in between those two roads, I'm not aware.) I chose Eagle.

I have memories of riding along Eagle Road when it was a little 2-lane country road, with the fog line right at the edge of the pavement. Times aren't like they used to be - now it's five lanes and nice wide breakdown/turnout lanes, and 55mph. So on one side of me I was enjoying lovely winter scenery (at least in the "river bottoms"), and on the other side I was tolerating the unending roar of a steady stream of motor vehicle traffic.

As usual, everybody seemed in a huge hurry. Zoom-zoom!

My favorite was a big ol' pickup truck with a huge decal in the back window.

Now, it's not unusual to see a pickup with "Ford" or "Chevy" in the back window, or BSU or Idaho, or perhaps the driver's name in Olde English script (seems to be a favorite of Hispanic folk). But this pickup's decal was for "Under Armour." (The only reason I was even aware is because the Utah Utes had the logo on their uniforms, the night before. I watched BSU put the beat-down on 'em, in the Vegas Bowl.) Golly! A guy would really have to like his underwear, to put a 3-foot-wide decal for it in the back window of his pickup truck!

I was grateful when I was able to get off at McMillan and head on home on (slightly) quieter streets. (36 miles yesterday - all of 'em pulling either the BOB trailer, or the Tag-a-long bike and granddaughter Mackie. Sweet!)

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