Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boise Bike Project Plays Santa

One of the main objectives of the Boise Bicycle Project is to "transform donated bicycles into functional pieces of rolling sustainable art." And this time of year is BIG!

According to this news story, they just dispensed 201 bicycles to deserving kids. (Wow! Are there that many good little girls and boys in Boise?!)

The BBP's director, Jimmy Halliburton, says, "For most of these kids this is a present that they're not going to get otherwise. Some of them it's the first bicycle they've ever gotten before, so most of them are absolutely ecstatic." I expect that these 201 kids will remember the Christmas of '10 forever; I remember the year I had a shiny bike - my first - under the tree, and wrote about it HERE.

What a great way to give to the community, huh? Hats off to everybody at the Boise Bicycle Project, including regular reader/commenter Clancy, for bringing about some peace and good will toward men!

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Clancy said...

Definitely a fun time and very rewarding experience. I encourage all to volunteer at the next one or anytime you see fit.