Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Training Wheels Off

August, 2010, is the last month my granddaughter, Mackenzie, needed training wheels.

As recently as a week ago, she was wobbly and tenuous as she rode in circles. But with practice it's taken hold, and now the only thing she needs a little help with is her start-from-stop. (I give her a gentle push, and she's off!)

We are fortunate to be very close to some public tennis courts. The asphalt in our driveway is fine, as are the neighborhood sidewalks. But the tennis courts are glass-smooth.

She still needs some practice before she's ready to take to the roads - you can't be weaving back and forth, trying to maintain balanace, when you're sharing the pavement with cars.

I have truly enjoyed sharing her enthusiasm as she's caught on.


Clancy said...

Congrats to Mackenzie and her new found freedom.

Bob T said...

I don't expect that we'll ever see her riding the wrong way against traffic... :-)

Scott said...

Congrats to Mackenzie and her mentor! May they enjoy many happy years pedalling together!