Thursday, August 12, 2010


Are you superstitious?

Yesterday I gloated about the 3000-plus flat-free miles I had enjoyed with my Vittoria tire.

Today - at about 3017 miles - flat tire! D'oh!

UPDATE - "Later That Evening"...

My assessment that my tire was good for another 500 or 1000 miles was way off. Upon closer inspection... the red "Double Shielding" layer was showing through in several places. Time to swap out the tire. I replaced the 700x28 size with a 700x32... the odometer starts clicking tomorrow, on the new one.


db said...

I almost said something like "you've just screwed yourself with this post," but instead I wrote very similar praise for the tires in the comments, so maybe I shouldn't ride the dump loop this weekend, eh?

Bikeboy said...

Just examine your tires first!

The only real downside of fenders (ignoring the VERY slight weight factor) is that rear tire-tread inspection becomes a task, rather than just giving the wheel a slow whirl.