Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gas - up by $1!

According to a story at the Statesman yesterday, gas prices are up by almost a dollar from a year ago.

One more sign of the robust economy, huh? (/sarcasm)

When I read a story like that, it makes me grateful that I'm largely a curious spectator standing on the sidelines. It would be awful to be at the mercy of Supply and Demand, unable to do anything but whimper helplessly about that significant expense!

Of course, all that demand created by Big Oil's captive audience does have an impact - those everyday and every-trip drivers keep the prices up high for when I do have to occasionally gas up. (Mostly on my annual summer motorsickle adventure.) And, the Missus and my kids are slaves to Big Oil as well, so it does have an impact on our household expenses, even if it's not money coming directly out of my wallet.

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