Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The new pump works

I was kinda wondering how long I'd go before getting a flat on my sweet new ride. I don't have to wonder any longer.

Day 4 - 77 miles. Goathead in the rear tire.

It's just by chance that I was prepared - this morning I thought I'd been pretty foolish to be riding without patch kit, tire levers, etc. (Waiting for a new seat bag to arrive.) This morning I put the necessary goods in my pocket... and had 'em with me at the fateful moment.

The new bike has Schwalbe tires - a couple of my correspondents swear by them. BUT... I'm not sure it has the really puncture-resistant models. They're called "Marathon Racing," and I don't even see them listed with the aftermarket Schwalbe tires. And... the thorn was right at the edge of the tread surface, where there's typically less puncture protection.

This has been a good year for flats, for me. This was only #10, in 5000+ miles of riding. I expect my good fortune to continue; in fact, I'd be happy if I ended the year with the 10-count.


bob t said...

I haven't had a flat since I started using Slime Super Thick tubes. I would recommend them if flat prevention is more important than weight.

Scott said...

I've had one flat this year. Pinch flat caused by a pothole. I don't miss goatheads at all.