Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fat Epidemic?

If current trends continue, according to a newly-released study, 43% of U.S. adults will be obese by 2018. And "obesity spending" will quadruple to $344 billion per year.

My first thought is... does "obesity spending" include the money spent for Twinkies, Chee-tos, Moon Pies, Super Size combo meals, etc? (nudge-nudge, wink-wink)

My second thought is... as the government takes over more and more of the healthcare industry, is there any reason not to expect "penalty taxes" on high-calorie food, fast food, etc? Or to take it a step further, perhaps we'll enjoy home visits from "health and safety inspectors," like in the UK, to make sure we're in compliance.

My third thought is... have you ever seen a "dangerously obese" person riding a bicycle? You sure see plenty of 'em wedged into cars!

Most Americans not only have to drive everywhere - they need to do it in a car with power steering, power brakes, power window-winders and power door opener-closers!

Is obesity a problem in this country? YES!

Is the problem getting worse? HECK YES!

I've said it before... when high-calorie food is cheap and plentiful and oh-so-tasty... and when there's a national obsession to avoid ANY form of physical exertion at all costs... the combination is often unwanted weight gain. It ain't rocket science: burn more calories than you intake - lose weight, intake more calories than you burn - gain weight.

More about the obesity study can be read HERE.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a specimen of zero-body-fat fitness! Look to a Lance or Kristin Armstrong for that. But despite the fact that I tend to be on the high end of the weight table, regular aerobic exercise has had a very positive impact on my health, as well as significantly increasing my reasonable food intake. If I gave up bike riding, and instead spent that time playing video games or watching TV, I'd have to make a radical change to my diet, or I'd have problems.

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bob t said...

Whenever my wife feels that I'm eating more than I should I tell her that it's fuel for my bike riding. Unfortunately she doesn't buy it.