Friday, July 3, 2009

9 straight months of saddle-time

Today (July 3) marks 9 straight months of every-day bicycling for yours truly.

The last day with 0 miles on the clock was October 4, 2008. (My bike was in Boise, I was just south of Bear Lake, in southeast Idaho.)

Some of those days (like today!) were "stat rides" - where I just rode up to the end of the street and back or whatever, to keep the streak alive. But the vast majority of those days have seen purposeful cycling. Transportation, fitness, and recreation.

On these days when the heat waves create mirages up the road and the perspiration evaporates too-fast-to-drip, it's fond to think back on those days in December, when the snow was too deep for comfortable driving, and the snow was mashing up between tire and fender, piling up behind the brakes. (Of course, brakes aren't nearly so critical when it takes considerable effort just to move forward very slowly.) I love the variety provided by changing weather... it affects cyclists considerably more than drivers in their insulated pods.

The streak ends today. In just a few minutes I'm blasting off on my annual MOTORCYCLE adventure. Will be gone for 9 days, returning to Boise on Saturday, July 11. The bike gets a breather.

If you're interested... I'll be passing through these cities and towns in the next 9 days:
(Idaho) McCall, Riggins, Grangeville, Orofino, St. Maries, Cataldo, Murray, (Montana) Thompson Falls, Plains, Elmo, Kalispell, St. Mary, Browning, Havre, Wolf Point, (North Dakota) Williston, New Town, Garrison, Bismarck, Belfield, Medora, Watford City, (Montana) Sidney, Glendive, Forsyth, Roundup, White Sulphur Springs, Townsend, Butte, Anaconda, Wisdom, (Idaho) Salmon, Challis, Stanley, Lowman.

I travel prepared, hopefully, for all eventualities. I carry a small tool kit, tire plugger, (bicycle) pump, rain gear, cold-weather gear... but hope that when I get home it's all been useless ballast! There are things you can't prepare for, other than being vigilant - mostly the same stuff we deal with on our bicycles. Careless roadway users. Unpredictable critters (Bambis instead of squirrels, unfortunately! Maybe a moose or buffalo on this trip.) (Yeah, I know - technically they're "bison." But show me a "bison-head nickel!) Pavement that deviates from glass-smooth asphalt.

If you're the type of person who prays, your prayers on my behalf will be appreciated. It's easy for me to travel with a prayer of gratitude in my heart, as I am surrounded by the magnificence of God's creation.

Well... as the Cyberdyne Cyborg would say, "Hasta la vista, baby!"


Clancy said...

Have fun and be safe.

Scott said...

Wow! My ass hurts after 2 hours in the saddle. I can't imagine 9 months. Still, it's quite a milestone. Ride on & keep the shiny side up!

The Boise Picayune said...

NHTSA Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults Video @

Marrock said...

I hate driving in the rain and snow... I hate walking in the rain and snow... But give me a bike and less than clement weather and you can't keep me indoors.

Anonymous said...

There is no use crying over spilled milk.