Monday, June 2, 2008

28 bikes!!

There were 28 bicycles in the office racks today. Far as I know, that is an all-time record.

I don't have an exact count, but I'd guess 600 people work in the building. So approximately 5% of the workforce is arriving by bicycle. That is phenomenal. I hope they get enough exposure that they come to appreciate the many benefits of bike transportation besides economy!

Obvious contributing factors:
- PERFECT bike-riding weather (50s in the mornings, 70s in the afternoons)
- $4 gas (I assume that is having an impact.)


Clancy said...

Monday was a very nice ride. Sadly I was the only bike at the office, but that still puts our office at 20%. Since fuel prices has risen, 1 coworker has comitted to riding the bus at least once a week.

Just in case you get tired on waiting for bike deals at, they have rolled out a bike specific site. I fear the worst......for my wallet.

Anonymous said...

The only change that I've noticed at work is that some who used to drive cars or trucks are now using motorcycles/scooters. Out of 250 employees, only about 1% regularly commute by bike.

db said...

I saw yesterday, too. My wife's not gonna be happy...