Monday, June 9, 2008

Liquid Force!

On several occasions, I've spotted a big ol' shiny red Dodge turbo-diesel pickup, occupying space near the office. And my eye has been drawn to the decal in the back window.

"What exactly is 'Liquid Force'?" I would wonder.

Perhaps the truck burns "Liquid Force." (I'd feel better about paying $4.80/gallon for stuff called "Liquid Force," than for stuff called "#2 diesel.")

Or maybe the guy drinks "Liquid Force" in the downtown bars on Saturday night. (You know, a "Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof" thing.)

Or perhaps "Liquid Force" is a fancy name for testosterone. (In the Dog World, I believe "Liquid Force" is dog-whiz... but I digress.)

I couldn't figure out what would possess a truck owner to put a "Liquid Force" decal in the window of his truck.

Well... silly me! My imagination was running way too wild. I checked on the Worldwide Web, and Liquid Force is a brand name for water-ski equipment of some variety. (And I bet the guy probably pulls a big ol' ski boat with that big ol' red truck from time to time.)


Marrock said...

And I'm sure they'll look real pretty sitting in his yard when there's no fuel for them...

Make a damn fine planter.

SiouxGeonz said...

I revel in seeing stuff on cars - logos, bumper stickers, etc- and being able to (almost always) track 'em down online.

Anonymous said...

Liquid force is a huge company for kiteboarding products that require no gas just wind.