Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bike Socks

I want a pair of bike socks that have the Presidential Seal embroidered on 'em, like this guy.

They look pretty lame with those lame-O shoes [George looks like his momma dressed him], but what awesome socks! I bet they're good for at least 2mph on the average speed!

(Does the White House have an online store, where a regular Joe like me can get stuff with the Presidential Seal on it? If Barack would declare, "Vote for me and every American will get a pair of Presidential Bike Socks," I'd sit right up and take notice!)

NOTE: PLEASE don't post any pro-Bush or anti-Bush rants as comments. There are PLENTY of places where that is welcomed, but not here. Thanks. (I like that he's an enthusiastic bike rider.)


db said...

Those shoes are Crocs, and the younger set wears them quite a bit.

Bikeboy said...

Hey, db... I think my daughter has a pair of those things. In pink. I hope they're comfortable, because nobody would wear 'em for their looks, huh?

Anonymous said...

To get a pair of those spiffy socks I think you have go for a ride with W. I read somewhere he hands em out after rides. Get a hold of J.Bosepflug at Tamarack he may be able to set you up, since he named the bike park there after GW.