Monday, October 1, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring...

Today I'm grateful for:

GORE-TEX... I just wore the jacket, but I've got matching pants for the REALLY rainy days. (I've tried "Gore-Tex replica," but it just doesn't quite have that awesome "breathable" quality of the real deal. Most rain jackets leave you feeling "clammy" even if they're waterproof, because they don't allow the sweat to evaporate.)

FENDERS... my "old man bike" isn't too stylin' with those fenders, but they're sure practical on days when the roads are wet.

I have another theory about my old-man bike. I'm pretty sure if it and a $89 Wal-Mart "full suspension mountain bike" were both left unlocked in a public place, the Wal-Mart Special would be the first one stolen. The assumption being that bike thieves probably aren't bike experts, and my black, dirty, unfashionable bike isn't nearly as attractive as a shiny bike with shock absorbers.

Danielo found a guy who took it a step further, and created some "rusty" decals for his bike. (Click HERE to link to his blog.) With those decals in place, your shiny frame takes on the appearance of a rusted-out hunk of junk. (At least, if you let it get dirty and grungy, like I do. I wash my bike every 2 years, whether it needs it or not!)

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db said...

Ooof, I couldn't do it this morning, Bikeboy, and I feel guilty about it.

But I knew that, even with my nice raingear, I would be wetted out before I got to work. It's a 35-minute ride when it's dark and raining. And at my place, between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m., that was definitely a shower, not a drizzle.

So I waited about 30 min., hoping it would let up, and then sighed, changed clothes, and drove into work. Oh well.

Congrats on your mileage, and sorry to hear that you pressed the flesh with an SUV. Glad you're OK.