Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bike / TRAIN accidents?

How many times have you had a near-miss with a train? Whoa... that's scary, huh?!?

Amazingly, there are a couple stories in the news about such accidents.

In Stuart, Florida, a 53-year-old man was apparently walking his bike across the tracks when he got clipped by a passing train. He wasn't seriously injured, but was cited for not obeying a traffic device.

Meanwhile, across the pond, a guy carried his bike across the (750-volt) tracks, then hopped back on. He was riding along the platform at the Catford Bridge station when he lost his balance and fell back onto the tracks. He hopped out of the way of the oncoming train; his bike was mashed (and the train disabled). A police spokesman described him as "extremely foolhardy."

ANYBODY who has a close call with a train is "extremely foolhardy," no?

News story links: here and here

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Apertome said...

"Extremely foolhardy" is a good phrase, I'll have to remember that.

And yeah, there's no excuse for these kinds of "accidents." People never cease to amaze me with new levels of stupidity.