Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Smile! You're on Candid Camera!

I don't know why, but almost every morning it still surprises me when the traffic report guy (on news/talk radio) starts reporting slow-and-go conditions on the Interstate... beginning around 6:30am! You'd think I'd come to expect it. People do that with their cars every flippin' morning? Wow!

Of course, those same people have to do that same thing every afternoon, when they're homeward bound. ACHD has internet traffic cams that show what it's like. (Just click on the camera. I snagged a couple photos from this afternoon's Rat Race.) How would you like this to be 2 hours of your day, 5 days a week?

[Pity the poor slobs driving those big trucks! They're probably traveling from Salt Lake to Portland, and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. (50 cents a mile, whether you're traveling 65mph, or 6.5mph!)]

The little commercial jingle was playing on the radio this morning: "There's a price you pay, to get away." It's all about the joy of country livin', and shoppin' at the Farmer Store. Is this what the guy is singing about?

Thanks but no thanks! I'll take my bike commute, and urban slum-livin'.


db said...

Right on, Bikeboy! I have co-workers who live in Kuna, by Lake Lowell, and in Horseshoe Bend. They know better than to complain about the roads and traffic to me, because my response is consistent: "I guess that wouldn't be a problem if you didn't choose to live 20-plus miles away from Boise."

I may not own as much land as these guys, but that means I have less land to maintain, and it means that getting to basic services and businesses is a bike-ride away.

Anonymous said...

[db] Oh HELL yes. I have such coworkers as well, and they know my feelings. The one that lives 4 miles away from work and drives also knows how I feel about that stupid choice.

Anonymous said...

Gas expenses need to figured into monthly cost when buying a house. 200-300 dollars/month in gas is the same as a car payment and could be a major factor in monthly bill paying.

I show the traffic camera on State St and Veterans to a coworker. He has aspirations to ride to work but just needs a little motivation. He even purchased a new bike and threw out the Costco bike. He even gets to ride the Greenbelt most of his ride.

Bikeboy said...

I knew a guy who moved to the area from Grand Junction.

His job is in Boise; he ended up renting a house in Nampa, because it cost him $40/month less than the one he was looking at in Boise.

So, he pays probably $125 more in gas per month (and that doesn't count wear and tear on his car, maintenance, rubber, etc.), plus he spends a couple hours a day sitting in bumper-to-bumper.

I guess there's a tendency to focus on the money we're taking out of our wallet RIGHT NOW, rather than "big picture budgeting."