Thursday, March 1, 2007

February Report

I rode 371 miles on my bike last month, on 28 days. I commuted to the office 20 days… 100% bicycle.

My cumulative miles (since 01/1986, when I started keeping track) went over 114,000 in Feb.

(Compared with January, I rode slightly more per day, average. 13.25 miles, compared with just under 13 in January.)

The "shortest" days were likely my 2-mile (round trip) ride to church each Sunday, or possibly running an errand to Walgreen's or Rite-Aid or Fred Meyer (around 1.5 miles round trip). The "longest" days were over 20 miles, under 25 miles. (I keep track using a little Excel matrix, broken down in 5-mile increments.)

I love this time of year, when the conditions are generally getting better all the time. (Of course, March weather is unpredictable in Idaho. In years gone by, it's turned on me. I've stood under a tree, waiting for the torrential downpour to end. Once I was out on Gowen Road in T-shirt and shorts when a freak hailstorm blew up out of nowhere. I was being pelted by half-inch hailstones… and the biggest available shelter was a sagebrush, so I rode on, head down. Pleasure ride? Yeah, right!)

I expect in March 2007 I will ride on 31 days, 22 commutes to the office, 400 or more miles. (Maybe 500, if we get some sunny, warm weekends.)

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