Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Cost of transportation 2020

For 2020, gas prices are projected to hold steady, at less than $3/gallon. Story HERE.

(Note: The story acknowledges that prices tend to be higher in the west. That matches my personal observations, and I'd bet that prices in SW Idaho will top $3, sometime over the summer during peak travel season.)

That's good for motorists; maybe not for alt-trans. I've stated before... I'm convinced that the price of gas incentivizes alternative transportation, likely more than anything else.

Just the same, I'll happily ride my bicycle. In the year just ended I rode 5,597 miles, almost all in Boise and Ada County. I figure I saved around $777 in gas money. (Assuming I would've driven to the same destinations*, paid $2.50/gallon for gas, and the missus' family truckster gets about 18mpg.)

That ain't chump change! 🤩

Keep the shiny side up in 2020, my friends!

* I would NOT have driven a car to all of the same destinations.  A significant component of my bicycling is for the purposes of pleasure and exercise.  I rarely drive a car locally for "pleasure," and never for exercise!

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