Monday, July 31, 2017

'17 isn't looking like a banner year

Unless something totally unexpected happens, 2017 will be the first year for me since 2002, in which I don't surpass 5000 bicycle miles for the calendar year.

I've lost a bit of velocity in the past 15 years... but not enthusiasm.  The problem this year is - too many days away from the bicycle.

In late May / early June, we spent 10 days in Providence, RI, with the daughter and son-in-law and grandbabies.  Time well spent... albeit 2000 miles away from my bicycle.

And just this past Saturday, I got back from 10 days on the motorcycle road.  Had a fantastic trip - rode to the Bay Area through Reno (Boise to Reno is to be tolerated, not enjoyed), and then took a leisurely putt up the west coast, from Santa Cruz CA to Ocean Park WA (just north of Astoria).  Then back home again.  Time well spent... albeit away from the bicycle.

And... in September we're traveling up to BC Canada on a family adventure.  Another 10 days or so away from the bike.

I've turned over 2500 miles for the year - but I should've hit that milestone at the end of June instead of the end of July, to maintain a 5000-mile yearly pace.

Oh well.

(I s'pose I could try for 1000-mile August and October totals.  Yeah - but that's not gonna happen any more.  Too many other irons in the fire.)

The current game plan is to be able to retire in the spring of 2019 - then maybe I can ride another 6000-mile year.  Work a longer weekly ride into the routine.  Yeah - that's the ticket.


Clancy Anderson said...

I say as long as you are having fun, who cares about mileage. Plus some of your other trips sound fun. I have entered a new phase of biking as I am now helping out with the Boise High Mountain bike team. My son started last year and this year I went through the classes to become a coach. I am having a great time and getting a few extra miles in.

Bikeboy said...

Clancy, of course you are right! I tend to obsess too much about that little computer... whether I miss a single day... etc. And I'm having fun! (I'm even doing some unauthorized "vanguard" reviews of some of the greenbelt stretches that are officially closed, to see if there are really meaningful hazards, etc. Sure... I'm breaking the rules, but it's RESEARCH! haha)

I tend to resist any change-up in routine... guess I'm too comfortable in my rut. That coaching gig sounds pretty sweet.

Next week I might be trying attached bike seat AND tag-a-long combined, taking two grandkids at once.

Carry on, friend.