Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One-hour distance cycling record broken!

Just in case you didn't see this - pretty cool!

A Frenchman just broke a record for the most bicycle-miles in an hour.  He rode 22.5 kilometers in one hour!  That's about 14 miles.

"Hey!  Wait a minute!" you might be saying.  "I can ride 14 miles in an hour!" (Heck!  Even I might be able to ride 14 miles in an hour!)

Yeah... but I'm not 105 years old!  Robert Marchand is, and he set the record for the "105-plus age category."  Score one for the OLD GUYS!!

Almost 100 years ago, a cycling coach told him to give it up - he didn't have the size or physique to be a competitive cyclist.  I wish the coach could see him now!  Those close to him say he could've done even better, but he quit eating meat awhile back, which may have compromised his training.  But - how many 105-year-olds are trying to build muscle mass?!!

The story says he rides an indoor trainer every day, and rides outside when the weather is nice.  And "at 105, [he's] not making plans for the future."  Just the same, I hope in five years he can set a record for the 110-plus category!  You go Robert!

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