Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New bike questions on the Idaho driver's test

The local news media are reporting that the test to get a driver's license will soon have additional questions about sharing the road with bicyclists.  (There aren't any new laws, and the information has been available in the Idaho Driver's Handbook (starting on page 74), but having it on the test will certainly contribute to awareness of the situation, and cyclist rights.)

ITD spokesman Steve Grant acknowledges that the crash involving 5-year-old Max Wyatt was a motivating factor... that "this tragedy kind of opened the discussion."

I believe it went like this:

Following the crash, our #1 advocate and activist, Jimmy Hallyburton (AKA "Mister Boise Bicycle Project") requested a meeting with Governor Butch Otter.  The rest is history.

I've got to admit, I was pretty skeptical that anything could possibly come from Jimmy's meeting with Butch.  I figured Butch would pretend to listen to him for 10 minutes, reply "I feel your pain," and roll his eyes when it was all over.  (It's hard for people who don't ride bikes-as-transportation to appreciate the issues... just like most of us can't fully understand being a "minority race" citizen.)

NEVER underestimate the power of well-informed and passionate advocacy!  Especially if you demonstrate that you're not just a wild-eyed fanatic.  My hat is off to Jimmy Hallyburton!  (I'm sure Jimmy gets even more satisfaction from having distributed, with his organization, 387 refurbished Christmas bikes!  The mind boggles!  Fantastic!)


Clancy said...

Jimmy is an amazing and inspiring guy.

This was a BIG bike week in Boise and for Idaho.

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BBP received a Leadership award from COMPASS

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is #1 at self-promoting and taking credit for things.
Lisa Brady from Safe Routes 2 School and TVCA and has been working in the Drivers Ed Program for years and talking to ITD about making a bicycle questions un-skippable.

There are a lot of un sung heroes doing the actual work of showing up to meetings, making plans that dont have time to post to social media and jump in front of the media.