Friday, November 13, 2015

Autumn - the best time for bicycling in Boise? (!!)

We are fortunate to have weather that's suitable for bicycling - even for casual cyclists - probably 9 months of the year.  But every year, I'm reminded of how lovely it is to ride a bike in autumn in Boise!  The days are generally still warm and sunny... the trees do their magical transformation... and I s'pose the lighter traffic also contributes.  (What's with the people who put their bikes away for the year, on Labor Day?!)

This year was particularly amazing - we didn't have frost until November!  And so the perfect conditions have persisted a few weeks longer than normal.

Today I went on a bike ride with granddaughter Bonnie.  Lovely scenery... plus encounters with lots of squirrels, geese and ducks... giraffes (! - looking over the fence at the zoo)... and Bambis grazing at the park.  A fine time was had by all.

She'll have outgrown the baby seat by next season... better bust out the tag-a-long, I guess...

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