Friday, May 22, 2015

Almost a reality - bike/ped bridge in Garden City

Over the past couple weeks, I've ridden out to see how the new bike/pedestrian bridge west of Garden City is proceeding.  Significant progress is being made... 2 Sundays ago, a fella was on duty out there (most likely to keep over-enthusiastic pathway users from trespassing).  He told me they thought it would open "in one to four weeks."

On Thursday (May 21) I rode out there again.  The security guy was gone.  The pavement is all in place, on the south side where I was.  The fence was still in place.  (You'd a-thunk they could've just blocked access to the bridge, and let people proceed on by... but what do I know?)  They seemed to be working feverishly on the north side.

I got excited and emailed the contact person on the Garden City website.  (It's confusing - you pass a sign that says "Leaving Garden City" a half-mile before you get to the bridge.  But supposedly Garden City is managing the project.  Perhaps it's Garden City on the north side.)  I asked her if it would be open over the Memorial Day weekend.

She replied, "The bridge is not going to the open this weekend, but it is anticipated that it will be substantially complete by the end of the month."  That's a bit ambiguous, but I'll optimistically interpret it to mean that the bridge will likely be open for use by the end of the month.

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