Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Springtime Happenings

We're enjoying an early spring in these parts, in stark contrast to some areas of the country.

Even the fair-weather cyclists are starting to emerge.  Watch for some commentary about Greenbelt practices in the next few days... currently formulating as I deal with the onslaught of amateurs.

I ventured downstream on the Greenbelt once again a few days ago.  Progress is definitely being made on the footings of the new bike/pedestrian bridge.  I'll be glad when it's in place.

I haven't heard any updated official announcements in the past month or so, but it seems that the area Bike Share will soon be a reality.  (A friend of a friend was just hired to keep the fleet running.)  Check out this website - Boise Green Bike.  The checkout stations have been determined... the major sponsor (St. Lukes Hospital) is all lined up... fees have been determined.  ("Pay as you go" is $4/hour.  Monthly memberships are $15, annual memberships are $70... each includes an hour a day.)  There is a fairly limited central "hub" - if you venture out of the hub they ding you for another 2 bucks.  I'm still somewhat skeptical that Boise's demographics will sustain a bike sharing program, but I might be wrong... and I'm happy that they are starting out fairly modestly, with plans to expand if the need can be proven.

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Clancy Anderson said...

I am very close to downtown, but always on my bike. I don't think a membership would pay off for me. I did think about becoming a founding member that comes with the free Bern helmet(special Boise Green bike edition). The membership would cost you $100 but you get a $60 helmet with it.