Sunday, September 14, 2014

4K miles for 2014

It wasn't so long ago that I was boasting of having ridden 3000 miles this year... and it being the 28th consecutive year of at least that many miles.  Well... as of yesterday, I've ridden at least 4000 miles every year, for the past 28 years.

Thank ya... thank ya verruh much.

(I won't be repeating the "28 year" mantra at 5000 miles... there have been several years over those 28, when I rode more than 4000 miles, but less than 5000.  Not since 2002, however.)

About 230 of those miles have been on the baby-seat bike, with granddaughter Bonnie.  Bonnie loves to go on bike rides!  Who can blame her for preferring it to riding in the car... facing backwards in a low-slung baby seat, so all she can see is a little sky through the back window?!!

(The ill-advised "selfie while riding with granddaughter" photo)

Some of those miles have been with both granddaughters, Bonnie and Mackie.  (Mackie propelling herself on her 24-inch bike.  She says it's not fair that she has to work, while Bonnie just relaxes and enjoys the ride.)

I continue to have a "writer's block" of sorts - thus the infrequent posts.  I'm riding... and I see lots of other people riding.  But it's generally "steady as she goes," and whenever I feel like commenting these days, it's generally commentary I've already put down in the past.

In fact, I'd say the bicycling population is as high as it's been over those 28 years, at least in Boise.  More and more people seem to be recognizing the many benefits of self-powered transportation.  At least during the warm months.  (And I believe September and October are the best months for bike riding in Boise, as a general rule.)

There are other bike-related things that occasionally catch my attention...

A texting Los Angeles sheriff's deputy killed a guy, and no charges will be filed because he was doing "official business."  This despite the fact that it's illegal for commoners to text in California.  I'd call it a travesty of justice.  Story HERE.

In happier bike news... Miss Oregon is wearing "bike shoes" in the Miss America pageant, to promote her state's bike-friendliness.  When I read "bike shoes," this isn't what I expected.


tucker_arch said...

It would be interesting to know your disposables (tires, chain, etc...) to see how long they last. Or maybe if certain tires or chain brands last longer than others.

Bikeboy said...

Tucker, thanks for the comment. I generally use a chain and cassette in a year... replace 'em in the springtime. (I realize lots of people replace the chain a couple times and make their cogs last longer. But a chain and cassette are roughly the same price. I generally get the entry-level stuff that's a few grams heavier, but seems to last almost as long as the premium stuff.)

I've pretty much settled on Vittoria Randonneur tires, because I've had such good fortune with them. They are extremely resistant to "goathead" thorns which plague the area, and a front tire lasts an entire season... rear tires slightly less, but I get 3K-4K miles out of them. And the price is right - I can generally find them for less than $30, which is substantially less than some of the other brands' high-mileage flat-resistant tires.