Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Change of scenery

Wish you were here!

I'm away from Boise for a few days with family... visiting the southern Oregon coast.  For the first time ever, I bought a back-of-car bike carrier, so I could bring the beloved steed along.

(The rack is an Allen Sports receiver-mounted rack; $70 at  I'm very impressed by the engineering, build quality, and functionality.)

We're staying in a house a few miles south of Coos Bay, and I've enjoyed the riding on Oregon Highway 42, US Highway 101, and a local gem, the North Bank Road that ends up in Bandon.  The weather has been "Chamber of Commerce" - high 60s and lots of sunshine.

Earlier today, I did a 37-mile loop including all three above-mentioned roads... nice!  There was a somewhat daunting 2-mile steady uphill on US101 (they seem so much shorter in the car!), and a steep-grade downhill on Beaver Hill Road.  I was applying as much brake as I dared, and wondering if they would hold... and still hit 39+ mph.  (And was glad I was riding down, instead of up!)

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