Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How many days would you like to ride?

I got a new catalog from Aerostich yesterday. (They sell gear for touring motorcyclists... an awesome selection. I also happen to be a touring motorcyclist, but sadly only for a couple weeks each year. I hope to increase that someday.)

Just inside the front cover, they posed the question, "How many days would you like to ride?" On a map of the USA, with a number for each of the major cities. The "fine print" says it's the average number of days when the temperature is above 25, and below 95.

Boise's number is 284.

For comparison purposes... Seattle's is 356. Portland - 358, Salt Lake City 229, Spokane 291, Denver 269. San Diego is 364! Honolulu - the champ at 365.

Interesting. And might be truly meaningful if temperature were the only indicator of quality riding.

How about precipitation? How about traffic? (Heck! Anchorage has 233 riding days! But if it's 28 degrees and snowing heavily... is it really a good riding day? And just because the weather is lovely in 360-plus-day San Diego or Los Angeles... do you feel like riding the super-slab rolling parking lot?)

I imagine that the nice-for-motorcycling weather is also nice-for-bicycling weather. And that 25-to-95 range is meaningful, because I'd say it's pretty easy to be comfortable within that range, as long as you're wearing the proper gear, or staying hydrated.

It's been a long, long, LONG time since I didn't bicycle at least 284 days in a year.


Clancy Anderson said...

Bicycling is different than riding a motorcycle since you are spinning the pedals. I wear less riding a bike at 15 degrees than I would riding a motorcycle.

But I agree, who cares the weather. Just Ride.

Bikeboy said...

You're right about that, Clancy. I remember a motorcycle ride I took in January several years ago, out to "Old Fort Boise" near Parma. It was probably 25 degrees, and I was bundled up pretty good (WAY more layers than I'd ever wear while bicycling)... and I thought I was gonna freeze my biscuits! Took me a couple hours in front of the woodstove to thaw out, once I got home!

Clancy Anderson said...
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Clancy Anderson said...

My favorite motto about the weather and outdoor activities: There is no poor weather, just poor clothing choices.