Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tour de Fat returns to Boise

If you're anywhere near the "city of trees" (yeah, that's what they insist on calling it), our fair community will be hosting New Belgium's Tour de Fat this Saturday, August 18. "The Bike Parade begins at 10 am at the Fountain in Ann Morrison Park, but be there early to register."

If you've not participated in the Tour before, it's sort of a combination of Woodstock revelry, Rube Goldberg inventiveness, and bicycle evangelism. There's always an awesome parade, in which all types of bicycles and bicycle-like contraptions are ridden. The partying continues all day; the "Finale" is at 3:30pm. At each tour stop, they award a custom cruiser-style bicycle to somebody who pledges to hang up the car keys and ride the bike for a year.

Last year school teacher Matt Monette, apparently in a moment of bicycle fervor, agreed to give up his car and ride a bike. Boise Weekly did an interesting profile of him a few months ago - read it HERE. I can't help but wish they'd pick me... but I'm sure it's more about finding a new convert, than "preachin' to the choir." I wouldn't be able to give up my car - I did that 27 years ago.

Although New Belgium suds are consumed in massive quantities at the Tour, the vibe is always peaceful and family-friendly, from what I've observed. I've taken my granddaughter in the past, and we've had a fine time... much to my chagrin, I have an out-of-town commitment this weekend, so I won't be there.

It's actually a pretty big deal that the Tour always comes through Boise... there are only 15 stops, and most are in cities much larger than Boise: Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco... the only explanation is that we have enough "bike culture" to support such an event in appropriate fashion.


Clancy said...

Matt is a friend of mine and I was the one who gave him the heads up about the trade. He has done fantastic.

Tour de Fat should be fun. I will volunteering most of the day with the BBP. See you there.

Clancy Anderson said...

$50,000 raised for Boise bike organizations -TVCA, SWIMBA and BBP.