Monday, October 31, 2011

Off-season riding

For many casual cyclists, after Labor Day the bicycles and the white clothes go back into storage until next June.

Now in these parts, it's occasionally dropping below freezing. Adios, tomatoes.

But - even in winter conditions, bicycling is a viable form of transportation with the proper gear. And that gear isn't necessarily expensive - especially compared with driving a car.

A few years back, I categorized the winter challenges as DARK, COLD, and SLIPPERY. Dark and cold can both be easily dealt with; slippery not quite so much. (If 2-ton motor vehicles are slippin' and slidin', it can be downright hazardous.) I refer you back to the POST FROM YESTERYEAR.

1 comment:

db said...

For some reason, I'm really looking forward to the cold season. Already to slip more gear on.

Anyone used Bar Mitts? Got a pair last spring, and am interested in how well they will work when temperatures are in the single digits...