Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flat tire!

I finally got a flat tire! On September 26. Cause - undetermined. The hole was there, but no evidence as to what caused it.

My most recent flat was on June 6. 3 1/2 months and 2251 miles ago.

A testament to the tires I'm rolling on - Vittoria Randonneurs.

Last year, between June 6 and September 26 - 8 flats. 2009 - 6 flats. 2008 - 7 flats. Yep, the tires are the difference. (I know what you're thinkin'. This guy keeps track of his flat tires? What a freak! I'm just happy that they seem to be taking less of my attention lately! If I start only getting one flat every 3 or 4 months, I'll probably quit keeping track.)

Those tires are a little harder to mount than some others. And they may roll ever-so-slightly more harshly. But I've got a new undisputed-champion favorite tire.


Scott said...

I haven't had a flat in over a year. I don't put on as many miles as you (Only about 2500 a year since I live 6 miles from work and I spend a lot of time on TDY), but there's a lot of unpleasant stuff on the road. Broken glass, garbage, rocks, potholes, sand. My Continental Gatorskins have served me very well.

And now that I jinxed it, I'll be fixing flats the whole month of October.

Bikeboy said...

Scott, I appreciate your comment about the Gatorskins. In the past I've almost always been happy with the Continentals I've used... and in fact one of my all-time favorite tires was the now-discontinued Continental Top Touring.

I'd give the Gatorskins a try; in fact next time I'm shopping, I'll probably look at 'em. (A quick peek suggests they run $30-40. The Randonneurs were $26 or so.)

Specialized Armadillos have a loyal following. And several friends swear by Schwalbe Marathons. What deters me from those tires is the price... they're > 40 bucks! OUCH!!