Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stayin' alive for 82 years

There's a curious letter to the Idaho Statesman editor today, from Rodney Burwell of Boise. Here it is, in its entirety:

The reason I am still riding my bicycle after 82 years is that I follow one rule. I never do anything on my bicycle that would cause a motorist to take his foot off the gas pedal.

First of all, good on Rodney! You don't see many 82-year-olds straddling a bike, but I hope to fit that stereotype someday.

However... if Rodney has never caused a motorist to alter his velocity, he must either not ride very much, or he must have the flexibility to keep himself apart from motor traffic.

A transportation cyclist will not always have a dedicated bike facility. The matter of fact is, most of us are trying to share the infrastructure graciously and efficiently. I try to be where I should be, but from time to time, a motorist is going to have to cut me a little slack. I'm good with that, and the vast majority of motorists seem comfortable with the notion.

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Bob T said...

I also commend the senior cyclist, but he seems to have a strange (but sadly, all too common) notion of what is "safe". Unless one rides on the Greenbelt exclusively it is simply impossible to avoid motorists. The key to safety is not to attempt to avoid inconveniencing motorists but to ride visibly and predictably. But I think that I'm preaching to the choir here... :-)