Thursday, June 10, 2010


I recently saw a story on the TV news about a new bike-recreation pursuit that originated right here in Boise. It's called Velocaching. (Whenever I hear the word "bicycle" on TV, I arouse myself out of my TV-zombie stupor and try to pay attention.)

When I heard velocaching, I assumed GPS receivers must be involved, like Geocaching.

Not so.

It seems to involve paying attention to the details of your surroundings... and riding a bike (Optional? I didn't understand how a bike is an essential part of the game).

The person stashing the cache takes some photos of the cache location, and posts 'em on the website. Then the cache-hunter uses those photos, and his/her photographic memory of local geography, to home in on the stash. The find is reported on the website... and of course, as in Geocaching, the finder is expected to reload the cache, I believe.

Is there no end to the fun people can have on bikes?!!?

The most amusing part of the TV story, for me? The reporters seemed absolutely astounded that these crazy bike people play the game year-round! Imagine! Riding a bike when the weather is less than perfect! Apparently like many folks, they believe the old myth that cyclists turn into gumdrops if exposed to a sprinkle of water... like the Wicked Witch of the West. ["Wizard of Oz" reference... I watched it recently with my granddaughter.]

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