Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boise Bike Week '09

Every year Boise Bike Week has been bigger and better-organized, with more participation.

It's next week - May 11-16.

The 2009 schedule can be seen HERE. You local cyclists need to look it over and find some things that you can get involved in.

I particularly endorse the "Pedal Power Parade" - the last official event, Saturday afternoon. It's the closest thing we have in these parts to a "Critical Mass" Ride... but without the animosity. (Downtown Boise is relatively quiet on Saturday afternoons. And we are blessed to have a motoring public that is generally tolerant of cyclists, and vice-versa.) This year it begins at Capitol Park at 5pm. It's for all ages and abilities - WEAR THOSE BRAIN-BUCKETS!

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