Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Giving up the car for a bike

A year ago at about this time, the Tour de Fat came through Boise.

(It's scheduled again this weekend, for those who enjoy a bit of social revelry, with an underlying pro-bicycle theme. And who have the free time.)

A lucky contestant was selected to give up his motor vehicle(s) in exchange for a sweet bicycle and a pledge to live life car-free. Micah Deffries is his name.

On the bright side, he has paid $0 for gas in the last year (or car insurance, maintenance, etc.). And he's dropped 30 pounds. (Awesome, huh?)

Of course, he's had some frustrations that any transportation cyclist can identify with - mostly flat tires.

Good trade-off?

Strangely, he moved from Boise, where he works downtown, to Nampa. Now he "often commutes by bus to Boise and bums rides with his girlfriend." To this observer, that doesn't make a lick of sense!

Deffries' story can be read HERE.

In conjunction with the story, the informal daily poll question on the Idaho Statesman website today is...

Would you give up your car for a bicycle?

The multiple-choice responses are:
- Yes
- No
- For electric bike

As of this writing, the respective responses are 103, 392, and 33.


Clancy said...

Pretty Cool. I don' t drive my own vehicle much. I drive the wife's goobervan when I do drive. I should sell a car but they are paid for and I can't do it yet.

The picture of Micah is not his Black Sheep bike. Go to Black Sheep bikes and check their Cargo S bike.

Anonymous said...

As far as responses to such a poll go, the very nature of the question will skew the results. Most people who "would" give up their car for a bike have done it, or are doing it. I am moved to wonder what has to change for all the folks who answered "yes" - they "would" if....what? Val

Micah said...

The only reason I wasn't using the Black Sheep bike in the photo is because it had a broken fork, as a result of a run in with another cyclist, of all things. It took some time to get a new one made. Love the bike. Also, I no longer commute from Nampa, haha. That was a temporary evil that, thankfully, is done. -Micah D.