Friday, December 14, 2007

Bike Christmas Lights - Part II

I rearranged the lights a bit, and snapped a photo. It came out... okay, I s'pose. Snapping photos in the dark is somewhat hit-and-miss, and this was as close to a "hit" as I could come up with. At least you can get the idea.


Click HERE to see a larger rendition, along with the house in all its glory. (My wife and daughters took over the house decorations a few years back, after my feeble efforts over the years were no longer adequate. I'm rather half-hearted about Christmas decorating, I admit.)

Worth noting are the yellow reflective stickers I've put on my bicycle, on the rear fender and front fork. They increase nighttime visibility tremendously.

Another side note: As I pulled into my driveway yesterday evening, my neighbor asked me, "Are you the bike nazi?" I confessed that I was, and asked him, "How did you know?" He said the bike Christmas lights gave me away. DOH! (I swore him to secrecy, but I'm afraid if Cheney and Rummy were water-boarding him, he'd sing like a bird!)


db said...

If you're half-hearted about holiday decorations, I'm no-hearted. Never touch the stuff. But you wouldn't know it to look at our house. I think the wife has some sort of "decoration cannon" that she uses to pepper both interior and exterior with.

+1 on reflective stickers. I wrap strips of reflective tape around all tubes on my bikes. But you reminded me that I now need to put strips of the stuff down my recently acquired fenders.

Anonymous said...

Inspired by Bikeboy's example I installed similar lights this week but I have not experienced the same reactions. Some stares but that is about it. I wonder if this has something to do with my bike, which screams "geek" from the upright handlebars in front to the crate in back. Add rider wearing safety vest and goggles and you get the picture. Too weird for most folks?

Anonymous said...

DB- I love this "I think the wife has some sort of "decoration cannon"

Mine too. I hate stringing lights, up there with painting.

Here is a cool video of a rush hour in Coppenhagen