Friday, November 2, 2007

October Riding Report

In October, I rode the bicycle on 31 days, and accumulated 638 miles. (The best month of the year, mileage-wise.)

Which puts me at 5252 miles for 2007. 6000 miles for the year is a possibility. (If the weather remains moderate - and thanks to Global Warming, there's a pretty good chance of that, huh?)

The last few weeks have been glorious. I feel a twinge of pity for the "fair-weather" riders who hang up their bicycles after Labor Day (at the same time they put away their white clothes - hahaha). Some of the best riding in these parts can be encountered in October... and so far, November is "bonus"!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting to 6000 :) That's quite a milestone.

I thought you didn't believe in global warming :P

db said...

Yeah, October was great, save for the our week-long "monsoon" season. ;) And even that was easy this year.