Friday, January 26, 2007

Another YELLOW Day

The local media are reporting that it's once again a YELLOW air-quality day.

Which means - no outdoor burning, and limit wood-burning for heat, and limit driving.

(And then right after they announce the yellow day, they go straight to the traffic report, wherein they report that it's business-as-usual on the roads, stop-and-go on the Interstate coming into town.)

How many Yellow days have we had this winter? I haven't been counting, but I'd say more than I can ever recall in the past.

As our area continues to grow (sprawl), both traffic and air quality continue to deteriorate. So far, the "solution" has been the one that has worked so well (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) in other urban areas like Los Angeles, Dallas, and Denver... lay down more pavement!

Since my bike-engine needs air as badly as any of those cars, and is probably more fussy about the air quality, I'd just as soon breathe GREEN air as YELLOW air... know what I mean? But, at the same time, I take some satisfaction in knowing I'm not contributing to either the bad air OR the traffic congestion.

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Anonymous said...

Nice page and great writing. I felt/breathed the yellow day also.