Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Gas-Guzzler Notes

A week or so ago I saw this HUGE Ford pickup truck parked in downtown Boise. (Taking up about 1.5 spaces, by the way. NOTE - the accompanying graphic is not the observed truck, just a similar one. Ha!) It was one of those that's so high you need really long legs, or a ladder, to get into. And it was all tricked out. (I guess it was "pimped," to coin the current urban vernacular. Can you still say "pimp," following the Don Imus Moment of Clarity?)

It had this huge kind of hood-scoop treatment. But it looked like the original hood-scoop treatment wasn't adequate, so the owner sent it back for more. Kind of a small-hood-scoop-on-the-big-hood-scoop thing. (Chances are it was non-functional, but it looked pretty impressive. And that would be very important, because the driver would be spending every driving moment looking at it... or around it.)

I was hoping to take a photo of it... but when I returned to the spot, alas it was gone.

And then...

Yesterday I was bicycling on Glenwood Street, out near State. I saw this big shiny white Hummer. (Not the real Hummer, but one of the big civilian Pretend Hummers.) Its license plate read:


I'm assuming that's what the owner does with his wallet, every time he goes to the gas station... which would be pretty frequently with a big honkin' vehicle like that.

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Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a really dirty H2. Those are always the cleanest rigs on the road. Most people with 4-wheel drive don't use it but 1 or 2 days a year, they get the SUV cause the status symbol.

I have 2 gas guzzlers but waiting at home to tow the boat(oops 3), to go to the dump, to go camping, or to go hunting. I should probably trim one from the stable or sell both and get one that will do all jobs.