Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Anybody who's ridden a bicycle for any amount of time has probably dealt with the hilarious "Bee in the Shirt" routine. You know - where a bee (or stinging relative) flies into your shirt, and hilarity erupts as you try to rid yourself of the critter, while simultaneously not crashing.

It's even more exciting on a motorcycle! In fact, it's probably a good exercise in mental concentration... when you're traveling along at 50 or 60mph while being stung.

I rode right through what must've been a swarm of bees today. Suddenly there I was - in the cloud. I must've bumped a dozen or so, and missed a lot more.

Fortunately, I emerged at the other end, not having irritated them so bad that they sent the Attack Signal... and none of 'em flew into my shirt. Whew!

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Marcus said...

Ha, I immediately though of motorcycles. I had a wasp bite the hell out of me once on a motorcycle tour in North Idaho.