Saturday, May 28, 2011

140K miles

Anybody who's visited here regularly knows I'm somewhat a slave to my odometer. I keep track of the miles I ride each month, and have since I took up transportation cycling, in 1986. Yeah, it's a little shallow, but it motivates me. I update my Stat Page each month.

On September 1, 2004, I clicked over 100,000 miles. I wrote about it at the time (although that's back before the Age of the Blog) - it can be read HERE (PDF file). At the time, I speculated about the likelihood of my ever seeing 200,000 miles.

So far, I'm maintaining some of my momentum, even if my average MPH has dropped 1 or 2 over those years.

At the end of April, I'd accumulated 139,425 miles, and started counting down the 140,000 mark. The countdown ended today. Woo-hoo! (As it clicked over, I was riding on South Cloverdale, and listening to Muddy Waters "Folk Singer." (I don't listen to music often, just every now and then when it doesn't compromise my safety.) Earlier in the day, granddaughter Mackie and I had "tag-alonged" down to the Boise Bicycle Project to dig through their parts bins.

Onward to 200K!

If I survive another 10 years, and can wrap it up by then, I'll feel pretty good about it. Maybe invite everybody over for cake and ice cream!

(A while back, reader and friend Bob T sent me a link to an article about another guy who hit 200K, so I know it can be done.)

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RAC said...

Congratulations! 200K will happen when it happens.