Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pedal-powered jailhouse television

"Sheriff Joe" Arpaio, down there in Maricopa County (Phoenix) has become an icon for believers in "tough on crime." From his tent accommodations, to pink underwear, to no coffee (can't the ACLU do something?!?), to bologna-sammich lunches, his philosophy is that prison should be a place you want to avoid! (I like the notion, but don't know whether Arpaio's criminal-recidivism rate is better than that of all those weenie milquetoast/liberal sheriffs scattered across the Fruited Plain or not.)

Sheriff Joe's latest notion has particular appeal to this bike rider.

Noticing that many of his guests are struggling with overweight issues, he has set up stationary bicycles that spin generators, which in turn provide power to television sets. You wanna watch TV? Get to pedalin'!!

Personally, I'm glad not to be in Sheriff Joe's lockup. Maybe I could handle the pink underpants, but I don't like stationary bikes at all! However, like he says, "This gives them a reason to get moving and a way to burn up to 500 calories an hour." No word on whether the pedalers get two bologna sammiches, instead of just one.

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