Monday, April 19, 2010

Fair-weather cycling upon us?

What a difference a week makes!

Today I counted 23 bicycles in the office bike-parking room! In mid-to-late April!

I'm sure it helps that the morning temperature was in the high 40s and highs near 80 are predicted for the day. Yep, even the lightweights can do it on a day like this!

I don't know the exact number of people who work in my building, but that could be close to 5% of the building population, who arrived via 2-wheeler. Very awesome.


bob t said...

I suspect that the numbers will go down during the next few days as showers are in the forecast.

Clancy said...

It has been beautiful, enjoy it while it last.

I rode with the boys to Boise Train Depot Day. I was yelled at for riding with my kids on Crescent Rim Drive. I was told I should ride on the sidewalk with them. The funny thing is his concern over my kids while cussing in the process.

Check out my new voice activated turn signals.

db said...

Be prepared for the early-season Greenbelt issues.