Friday, April 23, 2010

My motorcycle adventure

If you're interested, I posted some notes and photos about last week's jaunt down to the Desert Southwest, over on my Idaho Rider blog.

Highlights of the trip: DESERT WILDFLOWERS (the main reason for the timing), US50 "America's Loneliest Highway" across Nevada, Death Valley, Hoover Dam (and the new bridge adjacent), Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park.

If you're asking "What does it have to do with bicycling?"... that's a reasonable question.

The only way I could mentally justify spending $13K on a motorcycle 10 years ago is by rationalizing that I've saved that much several times over, by bicycling to work year-round, and thus saving the expense of a second automobile. And I figure I save enough in two months to easily cover 100% of my trip expenses for the 9 or 10 days I'm gone each year.

Not driving to work every day saves a meaningful amount of money! Believe me!

(Oh - and I missed 7 days of bike riding while I was gone. That hurts! But it sure felt good to get back on and pedal, the same day as I rolled back into the driveway.)

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Clancy said...

Sound and looks like a fun time.