Thursday, December 25, 2014

Season's Greetings

I hope you, dear reader, find yourself in fortuitous circumstances on Christmas Day 2014.

We had a bit of snow overnight... just enough to call it a "White Christmas."  I braved the streets, which are bare except in the shady spots, for a little nativity bike ride.  I share a couple photos I took today, of a trailside makeshift nativity scene.  It's been there for the better part of a year, in a rusty box mounted on a power pole.  I quite like it.  Also, a couple other nativity scenes that I've passed on the bicycle, this year and last.


Jason Abbott said...

The nativity in the box was part of my commute for a year. It went through a lot of changes in May, June and July culminating in genocide (links to photos).

Bikeboy said...

Thanks for the comment, Jason. Yeah, I've seen the box nativity evolve as well - I snapped a photo when the Ninja Turtle was in there.

You should check out that other one - it's on 43rd Street in Garden City - larger scale, with an eagle, an owl, dogs and rabbits visiting the baby. Mickey and Minnie looking on from above, where you'd expect to see angels. But it looks like Jesus is hardly an infant - he's more a toddler, sitting up between Joseph and Mary.

Not much detail is recorded in Luke 2. It's enjoyable to see various embellishments.

Jason Abbott said...

Have you ever seen who does the decorating? I guess it isn't likely when you're only in sight of it a few minutes per day. I always wondered though.

Thanks for the blog post sharing those pictures. I enjoyed it a lot.

Bikeboy said...

The proprietor(s) of the trailside creche are a mystery to me. I'm just guessing that it might be people who frequent the Idaho Youth Ranch facility, nearby on Irving.